Menlyn Park

Menlyn Park logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter M logo, Mountains Shopping Center Figurative shape Pictorial Flat Single-Color, Black.

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre in Tshwane, Pretoria, is South Africa’s second-largest mall. It offers 177,000 square meters of leasable space, 8,250 parking bays, international brands, and diverse dining and entertainment options.

Jade Leaf Matcha

Jade Leaf Matcha logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter J logo, Leaf Beverage Tea Figurative shape Pictorial Rounded Single-Color, Turquoise.

Jade Leaf Matcha, by the Kizuna Tea Collective, offers certified organic matcha from Japanese family-run farms, promising premium quality at fair prices. The company values strong connections with farmers and customers.


Benevity logo Geometric Lowercase Display Letter B logo, Flower Custom shape Addition Rounded Single-Color, Blue.

Benevity, a certified B Corporation, provides corporate purpose software for community investment and engagement. Recognized in Fortune’s Impact 20, they help brands enhance workforce and customer engagement through grantmaking, volunteering, and giving programs.


USRowing logo Geometric Uppercase Script Letter U logo, Boat Water Wave Sport Non-Profit Watersport Custom shape Double Stroke Calligraphy Pictorial Flat Dual-Color, Blue & Red.

USRowing is a nonprofit that governs rowing in the U.S., trains teams for international competitions, and promotes the sport at all levels, emphasizing teamwork and inclusivity.

Luminis Health

Luminis Health logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter L logo, Light Health Hospital & Clinic Hexagon shape Abstract Negative Space Gradient Dual-Color, Turquoise & Yellow.

Luminis Health is a Maryland health system dedicated to providing accessible, high-quality care through numerous facilities. They prioritize community engagement, diversity, and health equity, guided by values of Respect, Inclusion, Service, and Excellence.

Arztpraxis Katharina Brix

Arztpraxis Katharina Brix logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter B logo, Leaf Health Custom shape Replacement Rounded Single-Color, Turquoise.

The medical practice of Katharina Brix in Halle (Saale) offers comprehensive primary care and treatment. Katharina Brix is a family doctor who takes a holistic approach with a special focus on naturopathy.

Visana Health

Visana Health logo Geometric Lowercase Display Letter V logo, Leaf Health Heart shape Abstract Outline Rounded Single-Color, Purple.

Visana Health is a virtual clinic offering comprehensive women’s healthcare from menstruation to menopause. It provides preventive, urgent, and complex gynecology care. Led by Dr. Barbara Levy, the clinic emphasizes evidence-based, personalized care.

Aspire Fire Protection

Geometric Uppercase Display Letter A logo, Fire Security Drop shape negative space Pictorial Flat Tri-Color, Black, Orange & Red.

Aspire Fire Protection is a trusted leader with over 20 years of experience in fire safety. They offer comprehensive services including inspections, audits, and certifications like Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS), ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Laurentian Chief

Laurentian Chief logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter L logo, Leaf Footwear Letterform Outline Addition Loop Stroke Flat Single-Color, Turquoise.

Genuine Canadian Quality makes high-quality moccasins, slippers, and mukluks in Quebec, using premium materials like moose hide and sheep’s wool. They emphasize durability, comfort, and sustainability, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques since 1945.

First Mills

First Mills logo Geometric Display Number 1 logo, Leaf or Plant Wheat Food Custom shape Addition Rounded Dual-Color, Green & Orange.

First Mills, established in 2017 after the privatization of the General Food Security Authority, is a leading milling company in Saudi Arabia. They produce high-quality flour, feed, bran, and wheat derivatives through strategically located mills across the Kingdom, aiming to be a top provider in the region.


Letsee logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter L logo, Eyes Virtual Reality Custom shape Abstract Addition Doubles Superposition Rounded Transparency Dual-Color, Blue & Red.

Letsee provides a WebAR platform for creating AR content in web browsers. They support image and QR code tracking, 3D content via WebGL, and serve various industries, partnering with companies like Samsung Electronics and Hana Bank.

Aspire Health

Aspire Health Solutions logo Geometric Lowercase Display Letter A logo, Leaf or Plant Health Custom shape Abstract Mosaic Rounded Tri-Color, Blue, Red & Turquoise.

Aspire Health Solutions offers in-home and telemedicine eye care, along with additional services like glasses, hearing aids, podiatry, and dental care, using advanced technology and a national doctor network.


Whittard logo Biomorphic Uppercase Display Letter W logo, Branches Leaf or Plant Beverage Coffee Tea chocolate Letterform 3D Lettering Ornaments Flat Single-Color, Grey.

Whittard of Chelsea, founded in 1886 on Fleet Street in London, is renowned for its high-quality tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.


Burnt logo Biomorphic Uppercase Blackletter Letter B logo, Fire Finance Crypto Letterform Replacement Calligraphy Flat Single-Color, Black.

Burnt is a core team behind XION, the first blockchain designed for mainstream adoption. They empower developers and brands to create user-friendly Web3 experiences by removing technical barriers. Burnt works to advance financial and creative freedom through blockchain technology.


Ulyssia logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter U logo, Water Real Estate Luxury Maritime Letterform Morphing Blended lines Wavy Single-Color, Blue.

Ulyssia Residences AG is behind the Ulyssia residential superyacht, a luxurious 320-meter vessel with penthouses, duplexes, and guest suites, offering amenities like restaurants, sports facilities, and a theatre, emphasizing sustainability.


Eko-Higiena logo Geometric Lowercase Display Letter E logo, Leaf Consumer Goods Circle shape Abstract Replacement Gradient Single-Color, Gold.

Eko-Higiena produces and distributes disposable products for hairdressing, salons, solariums, and healthcare, including towels, capes, and aprons. They offer custom branding and cater to both individual customers and wholesalers.


Hotjar logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter H logo, Smoke IT Consulting Custom shape Doubles Pictorial Wavy Single-Color, Red.

Hotjar, a Contentsquare company, provides a visual platform for understanding user behavior and feedback, helping teams enhance user experiences and create business value.

Briar Common

Briar Common logo Geometric Uppercase Blackletter Letter B logo, Branches Beverage Brewery Custom shape Lettering Flat Dual-Color, Black & Gold.

Briar Common began over 20 years ago, inspired by the American IPA. Founded in 2013 and opened in 2016, it offers balanced beers and creative gastropub food. The name reflects the founders’ shared connection to berry farms in Portland, Oregon.


SUP logo Biomorphic Lowercase Sans-Serif Letter U logo, Ball Smoke Food Letterform Pictorial Addition Flat Single-Color, Turquoise.

SUP offers convenient, nutritious freeze-dried Asian soups made from quality ingredients, inspired by authentic flavors and aimed at reducing food waste.


Antheia logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter A logo, Leaf Pharma Custom shape Replacement Flat Single-Color, Green.

Antheia uses synthetic biology to create plant-inspired medicines using yeast, aiming to improve global medicine access and sustainability. Founded by Dr. Christina Smolke and Dr. Kristy Hawkins from Stanford, it focuses on equitable pharmaceutical production.


Nanobot logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter N logo, Water Marketing & Advertising Custom shape Abstract Melt Rounded Gradient Dual-Color, Blue & Turquoise.

Nanobot specializes in life sciences digital marketing, providing efficient strategies and content for measurable client ROI. They create and market content to effectively communicate scientific advancements.


Sorli logo Geometric Uppercase Sans-Serif Letter S logo, Leaf or Plant Retail Supermarket Letterform Addition Pictorial Flat Dual-Color, Green & Red.

The Sorli Group, a family-owned Catalan company since 1923, manages supermarkets, sports centers, a hotel, and a foundation, focusing on quality products and services.

New Orient Hotel

New Orient Hotel logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter O logo, Laurel Wreath Crown Hospitality Hotel & Resort Luxury Custom shape Addition Flat Dual-Color, Gold & Grey.

New Orient Hotel Danang offers luxury accommodation with modern decor and premium amenities, including breakfast, fitness center, pool, and spa.

University of Windsor

University of Windsor logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter W logo, Bridge Lilly Flower Leaf & Plant Shield / Pennant Crest shape Heraldry Flat Dual-Color, Blue & Yellow.

The University of Windsor offers diverse programs, emphasizing student-centered education and excellence.


Petronas logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter P logo, Drop Energy Custom shape Abstract Flat Single-Color, Turquoise.

Petronas is a global energy company specializing in Upstream, Gas, and Downstream businesses, committed to sustainable energy and achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050.


TidalHealth logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter T logo, Drops Health Trefoil shape Abstract Triples Rounded Two Colors, Blue & Orange.

TidalHealth provides comprehensive healthcare on the Delmarva Peninsula, focusing on quality care and community health through multiple locations and outreach programs.

Brighton West

Brighton West logo Biomorphic Uppercase Display Letter B logo, Leaf & Plant Real Estate Letterform Lettering Flat One Color, Orange.

Brighton West offers modern homes in Langley’s Willoughby neighborhood. Visit our Sales Centre today.

Hydro Québec

Hydro Quebec logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter Q logo, Lightning / Thunder Energy Custom shape Replacement Flat One Color, Orange.

Hydro-Québec generates and distributes renewable electricity, supporting energy efficiency and sustainable projects.


Selecta logo Biomorphic Uppercase Script Letter S logo, Smoke Appliance Circle Sphere shape Wrapped 3D Illusion Pictorial Flat One Color, Red.

Selecta provides high-quality coffee and convenience food solutions for workplaces and public spaces across Europe.

Evoca Group

Evoca Group logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter O logo, Coffee Bean Smoke Appliance Beverage Circle shape Pictorial Doubles Flat One Color, Blue.

EVOCA Group, the leader in professional coffee and vending machines, serves 10,000 customers in hotels, restaurants, offices, and public spaces.


Jumbo logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter J logo, Leaves Chemicals Agriculture Letterform Pictorial Rounded One Color, Green.

Jumbo by Del Monte is a selective herbicide that targets various weeds, including annual and perennial species. It remains effective in the soil surface for months, controlling weed growth. By disrupting photosynthesis in leaves, it ultimately causes the death of sensitive plants.


EverNova logo Geometric Lowercase Display Letter O logo, Leaf Beauty Circle shape Replacement Flat One Color, Orange.

EverNova turns dreams into reality through skincare. They focus on quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, embodying their mission of nurturing dreams.

Grow Your Future

Grow Your Future logo Biomorphic Lowercase Display Letter G logo, Arrow Leaf & Plant Recruiting Agriculture Letterform Circle shape Pictorial Flat One Color, Green.

Grow Your Future by NGIV and Jobs Victoria offers training and job opportunities in horticulture. It provides hands-on experience with top employers and promotes careers in plant cultivation, green space design, and horticultural innovation.


Hotel Seehaus logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter S logo, Nature Punctuation Mountain Underline Water Hospitality Hotel & Resort Custom shape Pictorial Negative Space Flat One Color, Beige.

Hotel Seehaus at Lake Antholz blends tradition with modern hospitality, offering excellent service, comfortable rooms, and delicious cuisine. At 1,650 meters, it provides breathtaking views and access to nature, perfect for relaxation and active holidays. Enjoy the stunning Lake Anterselva throughout your stay.

Mountain House

Mountain House logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter M logo, Food Custom shape Pictorial Rough Two Colors, Blue & Red.

Mountain House produces freeze-dried food that is tasty, long-lasting, and lightweight. Their process involves cooking, freezing, and vacuum drying the food, preserving its structure and nutrients. The food is then packaged to last 10+ years in pouches and 25+ years in cans.

Yanno Capital

Yanno Capital logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter Y logo, Leaf & Plant Finance Investment Letterform Replacement Flat One Color, Blue.

Yanno Capital is an investment company that supports business growth across various sectors, offering strategic guidance and funding from seed rounds to buy-outs.


Jarvant Skincare logo Geometric Uppercase Script Letter J, Alphabet logo, Leaf & Plant Beauty Luxury Circle shape Seal Calligraphy Flat One Color, Black.

Jarvant is a luxury skincare brand offering natural, premium anti-aging products. It promotes beauty and confidence while emphasizing sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Blossom Skincare

Blossom Skincare logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter B logo, Flower Beauty Custom shape Pictorial Rounded One Color, Green.

Blossom Skincare offers 100% natural, sustainable, and vegan skincare products. Their face serum features Albanian thyme oil and addresses multiple skin concerns while being free from harsh chemicals.

Glass Pool

Glass Pool logo Geometric Uppercase Serif Letter G logo, Drop Water Cleaning Letterform Replacement Flat One Color, Turquoise.

Glass Pool Company provides premium pool cleaning with certified technicians and precise digital tools, ensuring reliable and consistent service.

Jumbo Shrimp

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Biomorphic Uppercase Display Letter J logo, Water Splash Sport Baseball Figurative shape Mascot Illustration Flat Two Colors, Blue & Red.

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are a Minor League Baseball team in Florida, affiliated with the Miami Marlins. They’ve won championships in the International and Southern Leagues.