Morinaga logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter M logo, Angel Hair Head & Face Child Wing Food Confectionery Custom shape Pictorial Rounded One Color, Red.

Morinaga & Company, founded in 1899, is a global confectionery company known for its sweets, including Hi-Chew candy. It influenced Japan’s Valentine’s Day culture and introduced domestic penicillin.

Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Angels logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter A logo, Sport Baseball Letterform Bevel Lettering Flat Three Colors, Blue, Grey & Red.

The Los Angeles Angels, a Major League Baseball team, compete in the American League West division. Established in 1961, they’ve had various names like California Angels and Anaheim Angels, derived from the city’s Spanish translation, ‘The Angels.’


Sirena logo Geometric Uppercase Sans-Serif Letter S logo, Mythology Mermaid Fish Retail Letterform Addition Flat One Color, Blue.

Sirena Go simplifies your life with convenient online shopping. SirenaGo is an eCommerce platform that provides an innovative pick-up and delivery service at Sirena Market Sarasota, and soon at other branches in the city.


Holywally logo Geometric Uppercase Sans-Serif Letter W logo, Aureola Finance Letterform Superposition Addition Transparency One Color, Blue.

HolyWally is the world’s first wallet-as-a-service platform, offering adaptability, rapid scalability, and optimized user experience. With the HolyWally Digital Wallet Platform, building a custom mobile wallet for any organization is quick and straightforward.


Rossmann Logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter O logo, Animal Centaur Horse Mythology Person Retail Circle shape Emblem Flat One Color, Red.

Dirk Rossmann is Germany’s second-largest drugstore chain and one of the largest drugstore chains in Europe with more than 4000 Rossmann branches across Europe.

Music at the Unicorn

Music at the unicorn Logo Geometric Uppercase Sans-Serif Letter U logo, Animal Horse Mythology Music Letterform Negative Space Rounded One Color, Black.

Music At The Unicorn is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers. They bring brilliant musicians, singers, and songwriters to Abingdon and also give opportunities to local upcoming musicians.


Küppersbusch logo Biomorphic Lowercase Display Letter K logo, Dragon Fire flame Mythology Appliance Circle shape Replacement Flat One Color, Red.

Küppersbusch has been developing and manufacturing innovative and solid canteen kitchen technology that professional chefs can rely on for over 140 years.