Orange Health

Orange Health logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter O logo, Fruit Circle shape Negative Space Flat Single-Color, Orange.

Orange Health, India’s top on-demand diagnostic lab, offers 60-minute at-home testing for over 2,000 tests. It aims to make home healthcare seamless and is expanding beyond Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Noida. Highly rated and backed by global investors.

Evoca Group

Evoca Group logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter O logo, Coffee Bean Smoke Appliance Beverage Circle shape Pictorial Doubles Flat One Color, Blue.

EVOCA Group, the leader in professional coffee and vending machines, serves 10,000 customers in hotels, restaurants, offices, and public spaces.


Sundae logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter S logo, Ice Cream Web Development Custom shape Pictorial Rounded Three Colors, Green, Pink & Yellow.

Sundae turns content into fast, SEO-optimized websites without coding. Manage content in while Sundae handles technical details like speed and domain management. Enjoy a seamless web experience with features like customization and SEO management.

Vivaldi Eis

Vivaldi Eis Geometric Uppercase Sans-Serif Letter V logo, Bottle Cap Ice Cream Food Circle shape Seal Addition Hidden Type Pictorial Flat Multicolor.

For 35 years, Eiscafé Vivaldi has served authentic Italian ice cream in Solingen, now managed by the Kozul family, known for quality.

QNT Sport

QNT Sport logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter Q logo, Power Button Sport Supplements Circle shape Pictorial Flat One Color, Black.

QNT leads in personal development and wellness, empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential. With over 30 years of experience and quality products, we make wellbeing accessible to all.

Sotkon Group

Sotkon logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter O logo, Fruit Leaf Environment Circle shape Pictorial Flat One Color, Green.

The Sotkon Group leads the market in underground and semi-underground high-capacity containers for selective household waste collection. With over 30,000 units installed in 40+ countries, they design, develop, and manufacture their products globally. The company emphasizes its 20-year commitment to sustainability.


Omlet logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter O logo, Food Animal Care Figurative shape Pictorial Flat One Color, Green.

Renowned for its award-winning products, including chicken coops, dog crates, hamster cages, cat enclosures, and rabbit hutches, Omlet delivers high-quality solutions and aims to improve and enrich the lives of pet owners.

Crisol Empanadas

Crisol Empanadas logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter C logo, Food Square shape Pictorial Block Wavy One Color, Blue.

Crisol offers a culinary journey through Argentina’s diverse regions. Using only the freshest ingredients, they handcraft empanadas that showcase the unique flavors and traditions of each area, from the beef of the Pampas and Patagonia to the bold flavors of the north.

Zero Egg

Zero Egg logo Biomorphic Uppercase Display Number 0 logo, Food Oval shape Negative Space Pictorial Flat One Color, Black.

Zero Egg, a food technology company, produces plant-based eggs that are people-friendly, hen-friendly, and eco-conscious. They envision plant-based eggs as an everyday, accessible, and affordable choice without compromises, catering to everyone.


Qnico logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter Q logo, Coffee Bean Beverage Letterform Negative Space Flat One Color, Gold.

Qnico Special Coffees, a registered brand since 2015, specializes in marketing unique coffees from Veracruz, categorized by its key coffee regions. Exploring distinct cup profiles in coffee-growing areas.

Love Radish

Love Radish logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter O logo, Heart Circle shape Negative Space Flat One Color, Pink.

Based in Norfolk, the heart of British radish cultivation, Scott Watson and his team at Feltwell have been specializing in radish crops for over a decade. Under Scott’s management, Feltwell boasts one of the largest areas dedicated to radish cultivation in the UK.

Mercado 83

Mercado 83 Organic Uppercase Display Letter M logo, Food Nature Bottle Branch Coffee Bean Croissant Flower Jam Leaf or Plant Lotus Muffin Retail Letterform Collage Flat One Color, Black.

The concept under which Mercado 83 works is the collective store model. This model is characterized by grouping different brands of entrepreneurs within the same commercial proposal.


Savencia logo Organic Uppercase Display Letter S logo, Nature Drop Water Food Circle shape Collage Rounded Three Colors, Blue + Green + Orange.

Savencia is an international family food group with a global presence and a focus on high-quality products. Their mission is “Leading the way to better food,” achieved through innovative brands in dairy, chocolate, and premium gastronomy. They prioritize sustainability, healthy eating, and professional development while maintaining strong values and a people-centric approach.

Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter V logo, Crêpe Food Services Figurative shape Outline Pictorial Superposition Flat One Color, Orange.

Vanilla Sky crepes are made at the moment using the highest quality ingredients (most of them from scratch) and carefully following recipes that mix tradition and novelty.


Etolea logo Geometric Lowercase Display Letter E logo, Fruit Leaf Olive Letterform Addition Flat One Color, Black.

Etolea is higher-class olive oil, which is distinguished for its quality and is produced from olive trees found in the land of Aetolia.

Clean Green Simple

Clean Green Simple logo Geometric Lowercase Display Letter G logo, Crockery Bowl Leaf Plant Food Custom shape Pictorial Flat One Color, Green.

Clean Green Simple offers plant-based recipes and nutrition tips. It is a resource for anyone interested in eating mindfully, living sustainably, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Beet Generation Farm

Beet Generation Farm logo Biomorphic Uppercase Display Letter B logo, Leaf Vegetable Agriculture Circle Letterform Negative Space Flat One Color, Black.

Beet Generation Farm was founded in 2010 by Libby Batzel and Ali Levesque, two women driven by the pursuit of health and happiness. Beet generation farm exists to nourish the well-being of The farmer, the land, and the community.


Boonli logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter B logo, Bread Loop Food Services Custom shape Loop Stroke Rounded Three Colors, Orange + Pink + Red.

Boonli is America’s leading cloud-based ordering and payment platform for schools. It helps schools and foodservice providers manage every aspect of school lunch.

Charles Liégeois

Charles Liegeois logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter C logo, Coffee Bean Drop Letterform Pictorial Seal Rounded One Color, Black.

Family and artisanal coffee roasting since 1955. The Walloon market leader has grown to become a Master Coffee Roaster on an international scale.


økotaste logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter O logo, Loop E-commerce Food Circle shape Negative Space Flat Two Colors, Brown + Green.

ØkoTaste prioritizes quality. Through their online store, you can purchase organic food products. The Danish letter “Ø” represents “økologi” (ecology).

Children’s Learning Institute

Children’s Learning Institute Logo Geometric Uppercase Sans-Serif Letter C logo, Food Fruit Leaf or Plant Education Health Research Science University Circle shape Addition Flat Two Colors, Green + Red.

The Children’s Learning Institute is the pre-eminent source for proven clinical and educational programs covering early childhood through late teens.

Dose Juice

Dose Juice Logo Geometric Lowercase Display Letter O logo, Food Fruit Leaf plant Circle Figurative shape Pictorial Flat One Color, Black.

DOSE is a 100% organic, cold-pressed juice crafted for passionate, active, and health-conscious individuals. Dose Juices specializes in producing and promoting cold-pressed juices, organic smoothies, and nut milk.

Broodje van Eigen Deeg

Broodje van Eigen Deeg Logo Organic Uppercase Display Letter B logo, Food Bread baguette Bakery Letterform Negative Space Rounded One Color, Gold.

Broodje van Eigen Deeg specializes in baking bread from homemade dough, crafted with a reverence for traditional methods and extended fermentation processes using sourdough. Their bread draws inspiration from the rich French baking tradition.


Braum’s Logo Biomorphic Uppercase Serif Letter B logo, Food Ice Cream Ice Cream Letterform Superposition Flat Three Colors, Blue + Orange + Pink.

Braum’s is a family-owned and operated chain of fast-food restaurants and grocery stores. Its name is synonymous with visions of scrumptious ice cream, giant hamburgers, dairy fresh milk, and fresh baked goods.


Quitoque Logo Geometric Lowercase Display Letter i logo, Food Carrot Vegetable Delivery Food Services Figurative shape Pictorial Flat Two Colors, Green + Orange.

The Quitoque cooking baskets re-enchant your daily life, giving you daily access to fresh, seasonal, and above all tasty food. Quitoque introduces new flavors, to allow their customers to cook products they are not used to.


Zestible Logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter Z logo, Food Fruit Leaf Peel Delivery Food Services Letterform Pictorial Fold Shadow One Color, Green.

Zestible was a service that planned your meals, getting farm-fresh food to your door, so you can focus on doing what you love – cooking and enjoying simple yet delicious and nutritious meals with your family and friends.


Woolworths Logo Organic Uppercase Display Letter W logo, supermarket Food Fruit Leaf Loop Peel Retail Figurative shape Bevel Bend One Color, Green.

The Woolworths Supermarkets chain takes pride in being Australian, with 96% of fresh fruits and vegetables and 100% of fresh meat sourced from local farmers across the country.

Wuaki TV

Wuaki TV Logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter W logo, Popcorn Broadcast TV Circle shape Figurative Pictorial Stencil Negative Seal Flat One Color, Red.

Wuaki TV was an online platform that enabled users to stream and watches TV series and films made by independent filmmakers.

Papaya Play

Papaya Play Logo Biomorphic Uppercase Display Letter P logo, Plus Sign Fruit Papaya Gaming Pictorial Figurative shape Flat One Color, Turquoise.

Papaya Play is the unified web launch portal of Vertigo Games America, Inc. Through Papaya Play, Vertigo Games provides quality service for users of its currently supported titles.

Municipio de El Mante

Municipio de El Mante Logo Biomorphic Uppercase Sans-Serif Letter M logo, Food Building Land Field Farmland Fire flame Smoke sun Sunshine Maize Corn Water City Letterform Collage Flat Colorful.

Municipio de El Mante (eng: Municipality of El Mante) is one of the 43 municipalities in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. In this municipality, there are infinity water channels because of its cultivation category.

Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry logo Geometric Lowercase Display Letter G logo, Mortar and Pestle Health Letterform Outline Rounded One Color, Green.

Good Chemistry Nurseries is a leading producer of Cannabis products and related services. The company offers customers an award-winning lineup of medical and adult-use cannabis products and outstanding service.

Bateman Community Living

Bateman Community Living logo Biomorphic Uppercase Display Letter B logo, Fruit Leaf Pear Catering Food Services Hospitality Non-Profit Figurative shape Pictorial Flat One Color, Green.

Bateman Community Living was a hospitality-driven company built on the foundation of service and operational excellence, providing catering and management services.