Harvest Energy

Harvest Energy logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter H logo, Butterfly Energy Custom shape Pictorial Doubles Intersection Rounded Dual-Color, Blue & Green.

Harvest Energy, part of the Prax Group, is a leading UK fuel supplier providing competitively priced road, aviation, and marine fuels. They operate company-owned fuel stations with convenience services.

Cricket’s Photo

Crickets Photo logo Biomorphic Uppercase Display Letter C logo, Bug Photography Film Figurative shape Pictorial Flat One Color, Green.

Cricket’s Photo and Cinema, founded by Cricket and Sean, specializes in capturing weddings and special moments since 2006. They cherish their clients’ stories and enjoy capturing life’s magic moments.


Bardee logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter B logo, Insect Bug Fly Agriculture Custom shape Pictorial Loop Stroke Flat One Color, Black.

Bardee converts food waste into protein and fertilizer using insects. Founded in 2019, they operate a pilot facility called Moonbase in Melbourne, cultivating Black Soldier Fly larvae. These larvae efficiently consume food waste, producing nutrient-rich protein and organic fertilizer while offsetting carbon emissions.

Enroll Bee

Enroll Bee logo Geometric Lowercase Display Letter E logo, Bee Education Figurative shape Pictorial Hidden Type Flat One Color, Blue.

The Enroll Bee Chrome extension is crafted to discover temporarily free paid courses and automatically enroll you. It also enables searching for preferred courses, with Enroll Bee enrolling you in them for free.

La Mouche

La Mouche logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter M logo, Fly Art & Culture Theatre Letterform shape Replacement Stencil Rounded One Color, Black.

La Mouche (eng: The Fly) theater and cinema in the town of Saint-Genis-Laval. Lively and participatory, it explores a wide cultural horizon and evolves according to the projects carried out with associations and citizens.

Boston Medical Care

Boston Medical Care logo Biomorphic Shape Uppercase Script Letter B logo, Bug Butterfly Health Clinic Square Figurative shape Pictorial Rounded Colorful.

Boston Medical Care ( BMC) is a Qatar based polyclinic and a joint venture between American and Qatari businessmen who have an exceptional experience in health care service.


Jemako logo Organic Lowercase Script Letter J logo, Butterfly Cleaning Figurative shape Pictorial Hidden Type Flat One Color, Orange.

Jemako is a developer, producer, and direct seller of sustainable premium cleaning solutions for textiles as well as cleaning and care products for the entire household and beyond.


Viridiant Logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter V logo, Bug Firefly Construction Energy Non-Profit Figurative shape Overlap Transparency Three Colors, Blue + Green + Yellow.

For over a decade, Viridiant has been a nonprofit organization committed to promoting sustainable, affordable, and energy-efficient construction practices.


Intrado Logo Geometric Lowercase Display Letter i logo, Bug Dragonfly Analytics Data Hidden Type Figurative shape Pictorial Flat Three Colors, Blue + Green + Purple.

At Intrado, formerly West, they help turn information into insight. They develop innovative, cloud-based technology to make it easier, more effective, and efficient to deliver connections that count in this increasingly complex world.

Honeycomb Jobs

Honeycomb Jobs Logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter H logo, Recruiting Rectangle shape Mosaic Pictorial Flat Two Colors, Orange + Turquoise.

Honeycomb is a boutique, locally owned consultancy, established to meet a need in the market for a recruitment partner specializing in one area only – Business Support.

Team Vitality

Team Vitality Logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter V logo, Bug Gaming eSports Figurative shape Outline Flat Two Colors, Black + Orange.

A global esports organization, Team Vitality is dedicated to the development of excellence and forging a new generation of esports athletes. They one of only ten teams in the League of Legends European Championship.

Yii Framework

Yii Framework Logo Organic Lowercase Display Letter Y logo, Bug Butterfly Custom shape Pictorial Flat Three Colors, Blue + Green + Orange.

Yii (Yes It Is!) is a high-performance component-based PHP framework for rapidly developing modern Web applications. The name Yii means, simple and evolutionary in Chinese.

Proxim Pharmacies

Proxim Pharmacies Logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter X logo, Bug insect Butterfly nature Flower Health Pharma Custom shape Pictorial Flat One Color, Green.

Proxim Pharmacies is a group of independent pharmacist-owners that offer a range of flexible services adapted to the changing realities of the market.


Tombow Logo Organic Uppercase Script Letter T logo, insect Bug Dragonfly Art & Culture Figurative shape hidden type Pictorial Flat One Color, Red.

Tombow is a leader in the industry since 1913, passionate about offering the finest and most innovative executive pens, office, arts, and crafts products on the market today. Cutting-edge and affordable at the same time.

Quartet Books

Quartet Books Logo Biomorphic Uppercase Display Letter Q logo, Bug insect Snail Publishing Figurative shape Pictorial Flat One Color, Black.

Quartet Books uses a Biomorphic Uppercase Display Letter Q logo, Bug, Snail, Publishing. Figurative shape with Pictorial Technique and Flat effect in One Color, Black. Located in Europe, UK.

Kemper Gastronomie

Kemper Gastronomie logo Organic Uppercase Display Letter K logo, Bug insect Butterfly Catering Hospitality Figurative Heart shape Brushstroke Flat Two Colors, Orange + Red.

Kemper Gastronomie specializes in arranging distinctive and unique receptions and events. With creativity, extensive experience, and logistical expertise, they excel in delivering large-scale events efficiently and seamlessly.


Goldbug logo Organic Lowercase Display Letter G logo, Insect Bug Firefly Light Apparel Figurative shape Pictorial Shadow Two Colors, Black + Yellow.

Goldbug is one of the largest distributors of infant and children’s accessories in the U.S. and has licensing partnerships with leading children’s apparel brands for over 50 years.


Bethpage logo Organic Uppercase Script Letter B logo, Butterfly Bank Finance Heart shape Pictorial Distortion Two Colors, Orange + Red.

Bethpage Federal Credit Union has grown to meet the banking needs of the Long Island community. They aim to enrich the lives of its members, employees, and each community.

Arizona Biltmore Golf Club

Arizona Biltmore Golf Club logo Geometric Uppercase Display Letter B logo, insect Bug Butterfly Golf Sport Custom shape Doubles Flat One Color, copper.

The Arizona Biltmore Golf Club is located in the shadow of the majestic Phoenix mountain preserve. These Phoenix golf courses are second to none when it comes to real prestige, proximity, and privileges.